CiViA: Experiences and reflections on product life cycle management in Brazilian companies (2015-2016)


There is an increasing perception that the success of companies is linked to their ability to see and plan beyond the limits of their own operations, developing businesses and products (goods and services) from a systematic view. In this context, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a management tool that has gained considerable space in recent times, particularly within companies, as it offers direct and quantitative data that facilitates the management of environmental impacts from products and value chains. 

The GVces' Business Initiative Applied Life Cycle (CiViA) aims to add product life cycle management to the set of themes and tools for sustainability, empowering companies in methods to develop LCA studies of their products. Based on the experience of GVces and CiViA in 2015 and 2016, this publication presents the perspective and technique of the LCA, its applications and connections to other relevant issues, illustrated by several real cases of member companies of the initiative and exploring the many potential interactions of LCA with other areas.

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