Exploring Connections between Corporate Finance and Ecosystem Services: Pilot Studies


This study was developed by the Center for Sustainability Studies (GVces), with the support of the Regional and Local TEEB Project. This project is an initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Environment (MMA), along with the Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI) and GIZ (the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), and seeks to integrate ecosystem services in public policies and business operations, by developing approach- es, building methods and tools for action, among others. The TEEB R-L Project contributes to the Economics of Eco- systems and Biodiversity (TEEB) international initiative by highlighting the benefits that biodiversity and ecosystem services promote for society, as well as the rising costs from loss or degradation of these. That way, the project aims to contribute to the inclusion of ecosystem services in the public and business sector agendas; to promote economic instruments for conservation and financing mechanisms; and to spread key messages on the value of ecosystem ser- vices to the economy and human well-being to different sectors of society.

Thus, GVces along with MMA, CNI and GIZ, within the TEEB R-L, prepared this study, whose objective is to present ele- ments for decision-makers from the productive and finan- cial sectors to be able to formally and explicitly consider the risks associated with natural resources and ecosystem services1 in processes of risk identification, analysis and evaluation.

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