Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain - About the Project


The Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain project – conducted by GVces, in partnership with Citi and sponsored by Citi Foundation – believes it is possible to harmonize practices and demands from food buyers, consumers and producers, through education, communication and promotion of spaces for discussion.  Thus, this project seeks to mobilize the food chain in large urban areas, fostering the connection of a network that promotes inclusion of family farmers, fair trade, environmental conservation and food and nutrition security.

This project is inserted in the long GVces history of working for equal opportunities and respect to the planet's ecological limits through inclusive and collaborative processes. It is part of our proposition to make connections, get parties closer to one another and, thus, build quality into negotiation processes.

Paulo Branco, GVces Vice-Coordinator

In its first cycle, which started in the second half of 2015 and extends to the second half of 2016, the project focuses on fruit, vegetables and greenery producers in Greater Sao Paulo and neighboring regions, and works with three lines of action:

  • Support producer organizations in order to strengthen and extend access to marketing channels, by conducting co-training workshops and follow-up of ten family farmer organizations, so as to help them improve their management and relationship practices. 
  • Work with representatives of the anchor organization (the retailer group committed to enhancing their practices) and the different channels mapped, building a set of relationship propositions and recommendations to facilitate interaction between the links in the chain.
  • Mobilize the production chain, creating references for the work of the different actors involved and supporting assessment and development of public policies.