Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain: Cycle 1 - Follow the Activities

(Contents in Portuguese) 13/05/2016

Workshop with Experts (02/03/2016)

The Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain meeting gathered representatives of small rural producer organizations, retail, civil society organizations, public authorities, distribution centers and research institutions, among others. That meeting enabled us to make a broad mosaic of the context of family farming production and its corresponding marketing challenges. 

Co-Formative Workshop 1 (February/2016)

Workshop I was conducted in February, 2016. In the first contact between GVces team and producers, the idea was to introduce the work, map needs and expectations, and collectively determine their perception about marketing channels and the cooperative internal organization.

Integrating Meeting (04/27/2016)

In April, the project participating organizations met one another during the Integrating Meeting I, held in Sao Paulo, at CEAGESP. Debates on regularity, standards, diversity and negotiation in the trade of fruit, vegetables and greenery were conducted with the participation of retailers, wholesalers, alternative trading channels, and professionals with experience in government procurement programs.