Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain: Cycle 1 - Work Plan


In the Sustainable and Inclusive Business in Value Chain project first cycle, which started in the second half of 2015 and extends to the second half of 2016, the main line of action is education. Work will be conducted with 10 family farming organizations located in the city of Sao Paulo and neighboring regions. 

Offering three formative meetings with each organization, GVces expects to contribute as a facilitator, encouraging dialogue and interactions between family farmers, collectively building best practices for relationships, and fostering a collaborative culture. Additionally, we expect that, throughout the cycle, each organization build an action plan addressing the main bottlenecks and opportunities identified in the meetings, extending access to markets and improving their internal management practices. 

Still in the education line of action, GVces team will pay technical visits to follow up the work and align expectations. There will also be two integrating meetings between representatives of the ten organizations and the marketing channels, in order to extend the conversations and discussions, exchange experience and make actors in both ends of the value chain come closer to each other: family farmers and key buyers.