Sustainable Buildings and Energy Efficiency

1st edition (2017)

This report aims to present a set of proposals for the National Financial Sector (SFN) to be able to expand the amount of resources destined to the financing of projects that promote energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means conservation and rational use of energy by means of lighting, air conditioning (heating and cooling) and the construction’s envelopment (natural ventilation and thermal insulation). This concept includes the generation of energy from renewable sources. The study also intends to promote improvements in existing financial mechanisms or the creation of new instruments aimed at financing the projects above.

The study covers (i) new sustainable buildings, (ii) retrofit projects in existing buildings, and (iii) solely acquisition and implementation of photovoltaic solar panel systems. These categories include the implementation of projects by individuals and/or companies, residential and/or commercial buildings, including real estate developments such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools, among others. 

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