Bota na Mesa - Phase 1 in review (2015/2016)


This publication presents the main lessons and results of the first work cycle of the Bota na Mesa Project, an initiative of the Center for Sustainability Studies of FGV EAESP (GVces) with support from Citi and sponsorship of the Citi Foundation.

This project aims to mobilize the food chain in large urban centers, promoting the articulation of a network that favors the inclusion of family farmers, fair trade, environmental conservation and food and nutritional security, thus promoting a new perspective at the production chain and the food selling by family agriculture.

To achieve this goal, the project worked on two fronts. First, a training front aimed at a group of cooperatives and family farmer associations in the urban and periurban perimeters of São Paulo, for the collective construction of strategies and marketing plans. And the second front was the mobilization of a anchor company of the retail sector to improve its relationship practices with family farmers.

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