Business Cases


Considering that ecosystem degradation poses risks, but it can also be a business opportunity for organizations, it is important that economic activities take into account the value of these services, from which they benefit and over which often have intense impacts.

It is in this context that economic valuation emerges as an instrument to make the importance of ecosystem services tangible for business activities.

Case studies 2018

BASF | Assessment of Palm Kernel Provision and Market Alternatives

Beraca | Ecosystem Services Valuation in Suppliers from Anajas and Braganca (Para, Brazil) when it comes to Avoided Deforestation

Pif Paf Alimentos | Valuation of water provision for poultry slaughter and meat processing

Toctao Group | Assessment of externalities concerning Global Climate Regulation associated with the implementation of the ‘Parque Cidade’ land allotment

Case studies 2017 

BASF | Valuation of the externality of carbon sequestration promoted by the restoration activities in Brazil Mata Viva®, in Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo

BASF | Valuating the externality promoted by natural pollinators in agricultural crops of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA) restored by Brazil Mata Viva® Program

Braskem | Valuing scenarios of water scarcity to enable actions to reduce water and climate risks

Concepta Ingredients | Measuring the climate benefits generated by the acquisition of raw material of non-timber forest production

Copel | Comparison of impacts and externalities between the use of integrated vegetation management in electrical systems and the use of mower on a distribution line in Parana

Ecorodovias Group | Evaluation of the economic benefits enjoyed by the company as a result of recreation and tourism activities in its operation regions

Ecorodovias Group | Evaluation of the relation of the User Assistance Service (UAS) Rio Grande with the ecosystem service of water provision

Toctao Group | Assessment of the impact of water provision reduction in power generation in a Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP)

Suzano Pulp and Paper | Water Resources and the Mucuri River Basin – a study of the ecosystem services of water provision, water quality regulation and global climate regulation

Case studies 2016

Amaggi | Quantification of the global climate regulation ecosystem service provided with native areas’ voluntary preservation actions and compliance with the Brazilian legislation

Assessa | Provisiono f marine bioactive compounds, risk management and loyalty in the supply chain

Barion | Wastewater assimilation, investments in solutions to reduce impacts to users located in Alto Rio Iguaçu Watershed

Beraca | Valuating environmental benefits generated by keeping the standing forest

Copel | Assessing the Urban Forests Program results related to global climate regulation

Ecovias | Quantifying negative externalities avoided in the extension of the Anchieta-Imigrantes system

Itaú | Assessment of risks related to water provisiona t Mogi Mirim Technology Center, Sao Paulo

Minerita | Slope stability and soil erosion regulation ecosystem servisse: a case study with na area’s revegetation project


Cases of ecosystem services business management

Beraca | Strengthening our Socio-Biodiversity Management System by incorporating aspects of ecosystem services

Grupo Centroflora | Management of agricultural partnership by assessing ecosystem services in the value chain


Case studies 2015

Anglo American | Comparison between the use of wood chips and metallurgical coal in kiln calciners for the production of ferronickel, in the municipality of Niquelandia, State of Goias

Beraca | Valuation of social and economic benefits obtained with the organic certification to produce açaí in the community of Rural Farmers and Neighborhood Association of Nazarezinho do Meruu

Copel | Valuation of the ecosystem services associated with the Riparian Forest Program in a power plant in Iguaçu River, State of Parana

Group Centroflora - Case I | Provision of water and biomass fuel – a valuation study for the business manufacturing unit in Botucatu/Sao Paulo

Group Centroflora - Case II | Extractivism, raw material provision and global climate regulation ecosystem services

Group Ecorodovias | Valuation of technology use (coconut coir mat) to contain erosion in linear projects

Ki-Jóia | Valuation of the dependency on water availability for the industrial process of a cleaning product industry as an instrument to foster risk management measures

Minerita | Valuation of the relationship between mining activities and the water provision ecosystem service as a tool to support risk and opportunities management

Seikin | Economic valuation of the positive externality generated by the use of SEIKIN technology as a commercial strategy and product value attribute

Veracel | Measuring externalities related to environmental recovery and preservation activities performed by a business in the pulp and paper industry


Case studies 2014

Alcoa | Freshwater provision in Sao Luis, Maranhao State

Amaggi | Global climate regulation, focused on avoided deforestation on a farm in Mato Grosso State, and biomass fuel provision in an industry in the Amazon

Anglo American | Freshwater provision in a mining plant in Barro Alto, Goias State

Beraca | Water provision, water quality regulation and wastewater assimilation in Ananindeua (PA) industrial plant, and raw material provision, global climate regulation and inspiration cultural ecosystem service in a supplier community in TomeAcu (PA)

Bunge | Biomass fuel provision in Nova Mutum, Mato Grosso State

Duratex | Freshwater provision in Botucatu, Sao Paulo State

Group Centroflora | Water provision, water quality regulation, wastewater assimilation and inspiration cultural ecosystem service in industrial facilities; and water and raw material provision, loss of nutrients due to soil erosion, climate regulation and inspiration of Passiflora incarnata’s supplier, both in Botucatu

Natura | Global climate regulation in Mato Grosso, Rondonia, Para and Sao Paulo

Suzano | Recreation and tourism at Parque das Neblinas, in Sao Paulo State

Walmart Brasil | Global climate regulation and soil erosion regulation in Sao Felix do Xingu (PA)